Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chronology of Events


Late afternoon:
- Emin along with 5 other friends are having casual discussion at a local pub called "Lebenese" where they eat on regular basis. Adnan joins the group AND minutes later, two well built men approach Emin, ask "What did you say?" and immediately proceed to beating him. Attempting to protest Adnan is hit by one of the attackers.

-As true social activists with deep convictions of non-violent resistance the whole group refuses to engage the attackers. Pub administration interferes and the remaining group members help Adnan and Emin to leave the place and accompany them to the nearby Police station #39.

A few hours later: 39th Police station chief claims the pub is outside their administrative area and refers the group to another nearby police station #9. By the time victims arrive at 9th police station, the two attackers were already there. In the next two hours Emin is taken to hospital to be treated for head injuries. Upon arrival Adnan & Emin along with Orkhan Qafarli (one of the group members present at the beating) are questioned by the police investigators. Meanwhile, Ziya Aliyev, the investogator lets the two attackers leave while police officers interfere with journalist trying to take pictures of the attackers.

Evening: Adnan & Emin are charged with "hooliganism" and incarcerated for 48 hours awaiting CLOSED trial. (NO JUSTIFICATION GIVEN FOR CLOSED TRIAL). Despite numerous attempts by Adnan Hajizadeh's layer Isakhan Ashirov, police does not allow them to meet the victims, claiming Adnan & Emin are refusing to see a layer (REFUSING RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY IS ILLEGAL). The police chief also refuses medical examination and treatment of the victims and orders Adnan & Emin to be taken to a temporary detainment unit #1. (REFUSING MEDICAL TREATMENT TO CRIME VICTIMS IS ILLEGAL).

-Police refuses to release protocols of detainment and victims' accounts of the attacks submitted to the police. The names of attackers is released: Babek Huseynov and Vusal Memmedov.

- The officials describe the event as following: Adnan & Emin were speaking very loudly while using profanity. The two men from nearby table approached them to ask to be quieter. Emin refused to comply. The two men then proceeded to teach Emin and Adnan a lesson in civil and public behavior by beating them. (ABSOLUTELY ABSURDITY)

- A media conference is organized to address the INJUSTICE

Despite the calls from prominent social and political figures to set the youth activists free, victims remain in detention until CLOSED court session the next day.

- Journalists, public figures, representatives from British, German and US embassies gather in front of Sabail Police Department where Adnan & Emin are thought to be held. None are allowed to see the victims
- Germany's Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, Gunter Nooke who was visiting Azerbaijan and was supposed to be accompanies by one of the victims, Emin Milli arrives to the Sabail Police Department demanding access to the victim. Police authorities lie to the commissioner that the victims are send to the court house. (THIS IS ILLEGAL) Mr. Nooke leaves the stations for the court house only to find out that none of the victims are there.
- A CLOSED court session is held for Adnan Hajizadeh and Emin Milli. Both are charged with "hooliganism" (CM 221.2) with up to 5 years of incarceration.
- Detainment of the victims is extended for 2 additional months while investigation is underway.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We will protest on streets, online, on the phone, in Congresses and in front of Azerbaijani embassies around the world until SHINING STARTS OF AZERBAIJANI DEMOCRACY are set free !!!